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Geisha - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The ALL NEW 2010 release from Geisha.
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow contains last year's single release, "Birthday" as well as the new
single "Mystery Writer". Together with a back catalogue of the best Geisha hits from the 80's are some
never-before-heard covers by the Beatles and the Small Faces.

Video Memoirs of Geisha

Compiled here on the one DVD for the first time ever is a wonderful video chronology (or videography if you will) of 80’s rock luminaries Geisha.
Included is their first music video, released in 1985 for the debut single “Fools Way”, directed by Karl Steinberg and filmed in the Heritage listed underground car park at Melbourne University.
Karl also directed the multi-award winning video for “Rainy Day”, filmed in Sydney’s “Hyde Park Fountain”
This DVD also includes the 2009 clip for Geisha’s comeback song “Birthday” directed by film maker “Liam Firmager”.
The video can be viewed while listening to Chris’ own commentaries recorded exclusively for this DVD. These are interesting insights into the times surrounding the making of the music videos and his own recollections of the shoots themselves.

  Geisha - Geisha (the Debut Album)

The 1985 release of the self-title debut album by Geisha includes all of the original album tracks in addition to four bonus tracksnow included on the CD.

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Geisha - Midnight to Dawn

Geisha's second album, released in 1987, includes four bonus tracks not included on the original release.

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Geisha - No Second Prize

A MUST for the true Geisha fan.
No Second Prize was to be the third release from Geisha in 1989 but with the band's break-up, this album never saw the light of day - until now!. With the discovery of the original tape masters, the tracks underwent some digital clean-up and we are proud to offer this rare gem to Diamond Dog customers!

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Geisha - Demo Sessions 84-85

Tracks from Geisha demo sessions during 1984 and 1985.

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Geisha - Demo Sessions 86-87

Tracks from Geisha demo sessions during 1986 and 1987.

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Geisha - Acoustic Memoirs of Geisha

In 2006, Chris Doheny released a collection of Geisha favourites - incorporating acoustic instruments and totally re-recorded in a refreshing new format. This album shows the strengths of the Geisha material and how amazingly well they transform to current musical trends and styles.

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Geisha - Rainy Day 12" Remixes

This 2007 CD release containins alternative mixes of the Geisha back-catalogue.

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